How to get addresses from your Wallet

In this knowledge base article, we will go over how to obtain addresses from the two main software wallets we recommend. This will vary depending on your wallet but we shall focus on Coinomi and Wallet today. We recommend using compatibility or legacy addresses when dealing with coins such as Bitcoin or Litecoin, because segwit addresses may not be compatible with some customer wallets.

Coinomi Wallet

In order to generate new addresses in Coinomi, you'll need to select the cryptocurrency you are trying to generate a new address for and then click the Receive tab. Once you are here then click the three little dots in the top right corner then select the New address option. 


coinomi2.png Wallet

In order to generate new addresses in's Wallet, you will also need to select the cryptocurrency you're wanting to generate addresses for and select Receive. Once you are here click on the three little dots on the QR code and select Get fresh address.






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