Order processing and exchange rate update issues

CryptoWoo's order processing and exchange rate updates rely on WP cron, the built-in cronjob service of WordPress.

The speed of the payment processing is directly dependent on the execution of WP cron.

The disadvantage of WP-cron is that it's only triggered if there are visitors on your website. This could lead to infrequent exchange rate updates from the cryptocurrency exchanges.

To ensure that the updates are triggered as defined, you should set up a cronjob at your hosting provider to hit wp-cron.php at a regular interval. Please see the tutorial at Harish Chouhan’s article on Wptuts+.


What if I want to process payments faster than within one minute?

To speed up the payment processing you have to get below the 1 minute granularity of the crontab.You can set up 4 crontasks that are executed every minute and let the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th cronjob sleep for 15, 30, and 45 seconds before they trigger WP cron. This results in a 15 second interval between each WP cron execution instead of one minute when using only one crontask.

Check the "Database Actions" page in your CryptoWoo admin backend for examples.

If this seems too complicated, you could use a tool such as Pingdom or a webcron service to trigger a HTTP request of your WordPress installation's wp-cron.php but be aware that the payment processing may be slowed down.

Tip: Use the Advanced Cron Manager Plugin to get information about the cron tasks running in your WordPress installation.


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